This section will be a photo essay that aims to shine the spotlight on a selection of the top names in different sub-sectors of the tech sector in Saudi Arabia. It will showcase at least five people in a certain domain, with their images showcasing them in their “natural” habitats, alongside a brief about them and their work.


A KSA-based tech company specializing in data, digital transformation, and photo and video analysis using artificial intelligence.  Having

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A KSA-based information technology company that provides solutions in business and technology, including executive consulting, human resources services and fintech.

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A Saudi Arabia-based technology company specializing in innovative digital solutions that enhance operational efficiency and customer Since

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A Saudi Arabia-based information technology (IT) consultancy that uses the latest technologies to help companies along their digital transformation journeys.

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A Saudi biotechnology company that creates next-generation nanomedicines for affordable and accelerated pharmaceutical R&D activities.  Founded

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Rising Stars: Uvera

Uvera is a Saudi Arabia-born clean tech startup that aims to reduce food waste for consumers and retailers.

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Rising Stars: Saher Flow Solutions

Saher Flow Solutions is a Saudi-Arabia based advanced sensing solution provider that offers a patented water-cut and multiphase flow meters which help oil and gas companies to manage unwanted produced water that results in increasing their costs per barrel.

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Rising Stars: SARsat Arabia

SARsat Arabia is a Saudi Arabia-based space tech startup that provides earth observation data and analytics using synthetic aperture radar.

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Rising Stars: Mirai Solar

Mirai Solar is a Saudi Arabia-based deep tech startup that is disrupting the global greenhouse market by replacing existing shade cloths with foldable, retractable, transparent solar modules.

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