This section will feature up to three thought leadership articles from prominent names in Saudi Arabia’s tech landscape.

Building Momentum

Zoho accelerates Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation with US$100+ million investment By Hyther Nizam In the heart of the

3 min read

Future Foresight

How Wipro is realizing technology-led growth ambitions in Saudi Arabia By Khaled Al-Ofaysan Saudi Arabia is making significant strides toward

6 min read

Driving Growth

How HPE is helping Saudi Arabia build its position as a global innovator By Mohammed Alrehaili At LEAP 2022, Hewlett

4 min read

Redefining Creative Storytelling

For years, Snap has been improving the way people live and communicate through visual self-expression and storytelling. And in Saudi Arabia (one of Snap’s key markets), we are seeing this more than ever.

4 min read

Building Blocks

Saudi Arabia’s leadership recognizes that the future is digital, and the country has positioned digital transformation as the cornerstone for nation-building.

8 min read