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Beyond Binary

Saudi Arabia’s journey may be in the early stages, but the Kingdom is charting its course towards technological revolution

8 min read

The future is now

Harnessing the power of digital twins to reimagine cities across the KSA and beyond. According to PwC’s 2022 report,

10 min read

Reinventing Industries

Wa’ed Ventures’ Mohammed Bakhsh on why Saudi Arabia is betting on artificial intelligence By Megha Merani There’s change

5 min read

The dawn of a new era

Exploring Saudi Arabia’s ambitious leap into the domain of artificial intelligence By Megha Merani Saudi Arabia is at the

8 min read

Building Momentum

Zoho accelerates Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation with US$100+ million investment By Hyther Nizam In the heart of the

3 min read

Future Foresight

How Wipro is realizing technology-led growth ambitions in Saudi Arabia By Khaled Al-Ofaysan Saudi Arabia is making significant strides toward

6 min read

Driving Growth

How HPE is helping Saudi Arabia build its position as a global innovator By Mohammed Alrehaili At LEAP 2022, Hewlett

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A KSA-based tech company specializing in data, digital transformation, and photo and video analysis using artificial intelligence.  Having

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