A KSA-based tech company specializing in data, digital transformation, and photo and video analysis using artificial intelligence.

 Having secured US$40 million in private equity financing in 2022, backed by the Saudi Arabian investment firm Merak Capital, Master Works stands as a pioneering force in Saudi Arabia. We empower companies with innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency and provide real-time information to decision-makers.

 Founded in 2010 by Hani Al-Lehaibi and Bandar Al-Amri, and having served over 170 organizations, Master Works offers a comprehensive range of products and services. Our expertise spans data management, artificial intelligence, data strategy, application program interface (API) management, software development, robotic process automation (RPA), and video analysis using AI algorithms.

 “As a cornerstone of our national aspirations, we aim to significantly contribute to our country’s thriving economy, vibrant society, and ambitious nation,” says Vice President Ismaeel Alqhtani. “With a clear vision, we founded a company to excel in data management and have since evolved into a forerunner of AI, with Saudi Vision 2030 at our core.”

 One of our flagship innovations is the Baseer platform, a national initiative harnessing AI and computer vision’s power. Accredited by the KSA Communications, Space, and Technology Commission, Baseer offers rapid data insights by processing vast amounts of visual content. Currently, the platform provides services for monitoring visual distortion, managing airplane turnaround, queue management, facial recognition, crowd management, and more.

 Baseer has significantly enhanced operational efficiency at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh by providing real-time monitoring of airplane turnaround activities. Its versatility extends to sectors like smart cities, event management, and security, supporting Saudi Arabia’s giga-projects by providing data-driven insights. “Our goal is to blend cutting-edge ICT solutions with sustainable practices, supporting the nation’s objectives to create a thriving economy, vibrant society, and ambitious nation,” Alqhtani adds.

 Moreover, as part of the Sandbox initiative by the KSA Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Baseer aligns with the government’s commitment to introduce advanced technologies to the Saudi market, thereby enhancing consumer experiences and contributing to economic diversification. “The advantage of operating in Saudi Arabia lies in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030,” says Chairman Othman Al Hokail. “We are actively contributing to Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to improve urban living and the quality of life for Saudi citizens.”

 As we prepare for an initial public offering, our focus remains on developing the Azm Product Suite, tailored to the specific needs of the Saudi market, especially in fintech and digital solutions. The dynamic and evolving Saudi market presents both challenges and opportunities, and our agility and adaptability position us to innovate and develop solutions that address emerging needs. Our growth trajectory in Saudi Arabia is characterized by continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to contributing to the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey.

 “In Saudi Arabia, the local product market is thriving with high demand. We are actively contributing to Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to improve urban living and the quality of life for Saudi citizens,” co-founder Al-Amri adds. “This is a great time to invest, especially with strong government backing and the economy on the rise. The combination of this support, trust, and our team’s potential is set to make a significant impact.”

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