A Saudi Arabia-based technology company specializing in innovative digital solutions that enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.atm-global.com

Since being founded in 1997 by Yasser AlFarhan, Advanced Systems & Technologies—or [atm], as it stylizes itself—has championed digital transformation, carving out a niche by delivering cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of Saudi Arabia and beyond. “Our expertise spans the Middle East and extends to Europe and America, underscoring our global impact and local insight. We focus on developing and deploying business solutions for iconic and large-scale digital transformation initiatives,” AlFarhan says. “[atm] is making its presence known in the business world by collaborating with leading technology partners.”

Specializing in innovative digital solutions, [atm] is at the forefront of pioneering advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as championing sustain- ability and cybersecurity—all of which will play a crucialrole in shaping the future of Saudi Arabia. “[atm]’s mission is to introduce new trends in technologies to support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 digital vision, provide transformational solutions, and deliver next-generation technologies and high-end frameworks,” AlFarhan declares. “Our goal is to blend cutting-edge information and communications technology (ICT) solutions with sustainable practices, support- ing the nation’s objectives in creating a thriving economy, vibrant society, and an ambitious nation. As we evolve, [atm] is dedicated to being a pivotal force in the realization of these national aspirations, fostering growth and prosperity, both locally and globally.”

The technology space that [atm] operates in is vast and forward-looking—and the founder insists on ensuring his company is well-prepared for it. According to AlFarhan, [atm] is constantly refining and developing the right mix of capabilities and knowledge across multiple areas to assist in realizing Vision 2030. These areas include robots and AI in health, industrial, and logistics sectors, sustainability, environment, social, and governance (ESG), net-zero or beyond net-zero solutions, cybersecurity for critical assets in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), the Internet of Things (IoT) for energy management, water and air quality, Industry 4.0, future cities solutions and autonomous mobility, and B2B marketplaces or decentralized procurement. Thus, [atm]’s journey across these tech landscapes is marked by innovation, resilience, and adaptation.

“While leveraging the opportunities presented by Saudi Arabia’s robust economic environment, we have navigated challenges such as the regulatory landscape and the need for continuous innovation,” AlFarhan says. “This balance of seizing advantages and overcoming obstacles has cemented [atm]’s position as a dynamic, resilient global leader in engineering ICT.”

Resting on these laurels, however, is not in the cards for AlFarhan and his team at [atm]. Looking to the future, [atm] envisions significant growth within Saudi Arabia, fueled by the Kingdom’s commitment to technological advancement and economic diversification. “The strategic location of Saudi Arabia, combined with its proactive approach to fostering innovation, presents distinct advantages for [atm],” AlFarhan says. “These include access to a thriving market, a supportive business environment, and a gateway to regional and global markets. Saudi Arabia’s emphasis on digital transformation, its investment in infrastructure, and the fostering of a skilled workforce are further advantages that bolster our confidence in long-term growth within the Kingdom. Our commitment to Saudi Arabia is steadfast, and we anticipate not only being a part of the Kingdom’s growth but also contributing significantly to it. By leveraging the unique advantages that the Kingdom offers, [atm] aims to solidify its position as a leader in engineering ICT, not just regionally but on a global scale.”

When asked to share lessons from [atm]’s upward trajectory, AlFarhan advises other entre- preneurs to leverage opportunities in alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and to adapt their businesses to the cultural and market specifics of the Kingdom. “Focus on networking and stay adaptive to market changes while en-suring regulatory compliance,” he adds. “Also, think globally, act locally—that is, balance a global outlook with strategies suited to local needs.”

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