A KSA-based information technology company that provides solutions in business and technology, including executive consulting, human resources services and fintech.

 With a vision to become the preferred partner for clients seeking top-tier information technology services and executive consulting, Azm aims to contribute to Saudi Arabia and its welfare. As Azm Vice President Ismaeel Alqhtani put it: “As a cornerstone of our national aspirations, we aim to contribute significantly to our country’s thriving economy, vibrant society, and ambitious nation through the implementation of high impact, quality projects marked by efficiency and flexibility.”

 At the heart of the company’s offerings is its Financial Services Marketplace (FSM), which is meant to be a solution for all financing needs. FSM as a solution eliminates the hassles of traditional processes, offering a seamless, fully digital experience that connects users with banks and lenders. What sets FSM apart is its speed, transparency, and the ability to provide muchneeded working capital efficiently. The layers to this solution include the Marketplace, which connects banks with clients; the Loan Origination Platform, which manages loan requests and makes the process more transparent and accessible; the Settlement Platform, a robust financial system that introduces escrow account management. These layers work together to streamline the lending process.

 While there is a range of products and services to come out of Azm’s portfolio, among its most innovative is Edaat. Collaborating with Saudi-based investment platform Abyan, Azm created a service known as Edaat, which delivers advanced digital payment and e-collection solutions tailored for billers. These services simplify financial operations management by incorporating various features that enhance transaction handling efficiency and effectiveness. In addition the partnership with various entities for public and private partnership for statement management including partnership, distribution and fees calculation.

 Alqhtani says, “Abyan employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to digitize and manage knowyour- customer (KYC) and know-yourbusiness (KYB) forms, including legal and personal identities. The platform integrates with government services for electronic data control and authentication, facilitating efficient application processing from submission to approval. Transitioning from being merely consultants to digital experts, Azm’s product suite is aimed at creating a future where technology simplifies lives and propels the Kingdom into a digitally empowered society.

 Alqhtani adds, “With a wealth of experience developing and operating national platforms like Jood Al Eskan, and Shefaa, we have finely tuned our products to address critical needs in the Saudi market. The response to our products has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly with FSM, which has garnered interest from individual borrowers, financial institutions, and SMEs. The Kingdom’s commitment to Vision 2030 aligns seamlessly with our goals, fostering an environment where digital solutions like FSM and Oqoud, a digital signature platform, are embraced.”

 Azm envisions a future deeply rooted in Saudi Arabia, capitalizing on the Kingdom’s potential for digital transformation and aligning with its values and goals, with Alqhtani adding that Saudi Arabia is “ripe for innovation, especially in sectors like fintech, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence.” He concludes, “As a partner in building a smarter, more inclusive, and digitally empowered future, we commit to contributing to the Kingdom’s success. Our focus remains on developing the Azm Product Suite, tailored to the specific needs of the Saudi market, particularly in fintech and digital solutions. The dynamic and evolving Saudi market presents both challenges and opportunities, and our agility and adaptability position us to stay ahead, innovate, and develop solutions that address emerging needs. Our growth trajectory in Saudi Arabia will be characterized by continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to contributing to the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey.”

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