Redefining Creative Storytelling

Redefining Creative Storytelling

Saudi content creators leap into the future with Snap.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a dynamic market for a range of industries, and especially for media, technology, and entertainment. While the country has put together a slew of initiatives to boost its high-tech ambitions, there is also a rise of a thriving creative scene in Saudi. At the center of this creative revolution is a highly engaged and talented pool of young individuals. who are actively boosting the country’s innovation sector.

For years, Snap has been improving the way people live and communicate through visual self-expression and storytelling. And in Saudi Arabia (one of Snap’s key markets), we are seeing this more than ever. Snapchat now reaches 90% of 13 to 34-year-olds in the Kingdom, with our monthly addressable reach touching 20 million. A big reason for this dynamic growth is an extraordinary adoption of mobile-first creative platforms like Snapchat, but, more importantly, it is also because there is a deep understanding of our full value proposition in the Kingdom, be it communication, entertainment, or commerce.


There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia is making transformative strides- the Kingdom is at a crucial juncture in its transformative journey, and in line with its Vision 2030 plan, the government has rolled out new initiatives and reforms to diversify its economy, emphasizing on the technology sector.

There is a tremendous focus to showcase how technology will play an even more critical and all-pervasive role in the successful functioning of businesses and industries across sectors and governments. And that is why we are actively partnering with the Saudi Arabia government, helping them develop a digital-first, knowledge-based economy, and establish the Kingdom as a hub for digital innovation and investment.

In 2021, stc brought the Saudi National Day celebration to 4.5 million homes by leveraging Snap’s AR technology and Ads. This is demonstrative of the power of technology, and the unparalleled potential it brings to businesses and consumers alike. We also recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Saudi Ministry of Culture to support the development of the cultural sector by leveraging Snap’s latest technologies, which falls in line with the Vision 2030 pillar of investing in new technologies. Our collaboration will see the launch of strategic programs and initiatives to promote the creation of cultural content in the Kingdom.


Today, a growing number of people want to explore AR, as it allows them to discover their surroundings, engage with others, and enhance their own lives. According to a study done by Snap and IPSOS, an average of 80% of consumers in Saudi Arabia expect and want to use AR as a practical “tool” in their everyday lives.
For brands, it means exploring endless possibilities to match expectations of their consumers, and drive meaningful conversions. According to our research, over 80% of participants in the MENA region are interested in using AR to interact with a product before buying it, while 84% of brands who use AR say it helps to drive sales, acquire new customers, and drive performance metrics. For KSA brands, all these findings present a unique opportunity to expand their reach, and tap into new audiences, all while driving meaningful business results.

A Snap AR mirror being used. Image courtesy Snap.


Today, our technologies play a transformative role in how people in Saudi Arabia experience the world around them, whether online, or in the physical world. By revolutionizing visual messaging and through our leadership in AR, we have empowered our Saudi users to creatively express themselves and realign with the Arabic culture of storytelling. This is why we think our app is so popular in the Kingdom. Our unique design choices focuses on real friendships. Coupled with a curated approach to content, and our long-held privacy and safety principles, we are not surprised that has led to a flourishing content creator community in Saudi Arabia.

The platform is not just popular with users, but we also have a growing AR creator community who are pushing the boundaries in the Kingdom. Our Official Lens Creator community in KSA already includes artists, designers, developers, and more who share an enthusiasm for redefining the world of camera creativity. Over three million AR Lenses are also created by our global community through Lens Studio, and a high proportion of these Lenses come from KSA.

Meanwhile, to serve our highly engaged communities in some of our largest markets, we are also investing in studios. Following the launch of an AR Studio in France, Saudi Arabia is now our second location globally to house a studio dedicated to our local creator ecosystem. The decision to open a Creator Studio in the Kingdom reflects the remarkable level of creativity we see on Snapchat among local users, the high-levels of engagement on the app, and our desire to deepen the level of support that we can provide to the creator community.

The Snap Family Center launch. Image courtesy Snap.

The Creator Studio will allow us to empower and educate the next generation of creators, and inspire them about the possibilities of using the Snap camera across the arts, education, and cultural sectors. This studio will train talent, help grow opportunities for creators, and invest in developer partnerships, which will allow us to create opportunities for our community, and fuel the developing ecosystem- contributing to an uplift in the digital economy over time.


Saudi Arabia has some of the most expressive and creative storytellers on Snapchat anywhere in the world. We see a clear opportunity to elevate the voices of Saudi’s creator ecosystem, amplify their stories, and support their continued innovation. Therefore, our priority in Saudi Arabia continues to be to support our large and engaged community. At the same time, we will continue to invest and innovate in AR, while expanding our offerings to partners, creators, and advertisers to support their success.

While the Creator Studio in Saudi Arabia will open in 2023, we’re excited to support the Kingdom in unleashing their fullest potential and realizing its Vision 2030. Indeed, we strongly believe this is an opportune time to explore how tech companies can empower businesses to fulfil their aspirations.

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